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Our Inception

One Saturday night, when two friends were discussing economics and business over a game of mahjong, the thought of opening up a bubble tea stand suddenly occurred. Almost immediately, research on how to make the beverage bacame a top priority. Traveling back to Taiwan, they visited every tea shop, tasted the differences of each shop's drinks, and soon discovered what made a bubble tea perfect.

These two friends partnered together with another friend who had years of experience shaking the drink in Taiwan. With their combined skills and resources, a new tea stand named Gossip Espresso and Tea opened on Christmas Eve 2000. Over time, the reality of the shop took form, and on the eve of Christmas on 2000, Gossip was unveiled to the people of the Northwest, and to say the least, it's been good.

Why Seattle's International District

Seattle's International District has long been a home for immigrants from all over the world. These immigrants brought with them traditions and culture from their homeland in order to diversify the Pacific Northwest. Thus, the International District became a carrier, and a host of stores and restaurants featuring the culture and cuisine of their respective countries began to appear. Bubble tea is Taiwan's contribution to the mix.

Gossip and Our Bubble Teas

Our bubble tea shops boast over 40 unique flavors of teas, served to you just how you like it, along with optional servings of tapioca, coconut jelly, or pudding.