Hi, and welcome to Gossip Karaoke Box and Bubble Tea. Since our establishment in 2000, our single shop in Seattle's International District has become one of the most well-known bubble tea hot spots in the whole of downtown. Since then, Gossip has expanded to serve the busy University District, as well as providing karaoke entertainment. Come visit us at one of our three convenient locations, or find out what we are about by taking an in-depth look at what we have to offer.

A Formal Introduction to Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea originated in the early 1980's in Taichung, Taiwan, where a tea shop owner developed the novel recipe of combining cold milk tea with fruit, syrup, candied yams, and tapioca balls. With the help of popular media in Southeast Asia, the drink took off in popularity by the late 90's all over various Asian communities in the United States. Given the surge of popularity over the last few years, new recipes have been concocted to give a variety of flavors beyond the original recipe. Our bubble tea shops boast over 40 unique flavors of teas, served to you just how you like it, along with optional servings of tapioca, coconut jelly, or pudding. In addition, we also serve 5 varieties of premium ice cream, a host of toast flavors, as well as full on espresso for anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Our History and Future
Seattle's International District has long been a home for immigrants from all over the world. These immigrants brought with them traditions and culture from their homeland in order to diversify the Pacific Northwest. Thus, the International District became a carrier, and a host of stores and restaurants featuring the culture and cuisine of their respective countries began to appear. Bubble tea was Taiwan's contribution to the mix. Gossip was envisioned on a swanky Saturday night over a game of mahjong. However, in order to obtain the most authentic versions of the beverage, the pair travelled back to Taiwan in order to research the secrets of the tea. Over time, the reality of the shop took form, and on the eve of Christmas on 2000, Gossip was unveiled to the people of the Northwest, and to say the least, it's been good.

Since then, we have opened up two new branches, both in the University District. One serves our classic bubble teas, while the other serves karaoke entertainment. Due to our increasing popularity, it's hard to foresee where the Gossip name will end up. One thing is for certain though, we will be delivering the best in bubble tea and karaoke entertainment for a good while to come. Please come by and see for yourself!